Phanthao Mikhri

Phanthao mikhri is a food item consumed by Dimasa people.

The taste of Panthao Mikhri is bitter and it is consumed when it is not fully ripe. The leaves of this plant are not edible. This vegetable is available in the month of September to November. The fruit of the plant ripens, matures and falls on the ground and terminating itself into another tree.

Cultural Narrative: 

Panthao Mikhri is a vegetable and Dimasa people have it. A short interview by Gourmoni Hagjer taken by Monali Longmailai in Sheorartol village is translated below.

Monali: Ebo phanthao mikhri?

Gloss: Is this phanthao mikhri?

Gourmoni: ee,ebo phanthao  mikhri, go eboke saphun jire, bo bathaikhe na saphun jidu, bo minbala bo minma sgangha saphun jidu, ode bo khatle khatle jadu jibaha.

Gloss: Yes, this is phanthao mikhri, we make chutney of the fruit. We eat the fruit before it ripe and the taste of this is bitter.

Monali: Ebo bathaikhe jidu?

Gloss: do we eat the fruit?

Gourmoni: bataikhe jidu,  bathaikhe saphun jidu.

Gloss: yes. We made chutney of the fruit 

Monali: bathaikhe bo jidu,  blaikhe bo jidu??

Gloss: okay, so the fruit is edible. What about the leaves?

Gourmoni: bo bathai minjrup ha saphun jidu. Khatle khatle jadu dabo jibaha.

Gloss: only the fruit is edible, which is bitter in taste

Monali: ebokhe la gaidu na hagraha jalaba?


Gourmoni: ebo baigolangladu, olei khao jiya ti obani bathai graidada jar japinlangladu.

Monali: O. Ebo nadi season ha ebo bathai jadu?

Gourmoni: ebo October November beren ha jadu durga puja beren ha

Monali: O, ode nadi nadi jang jidu bede bede saphin jidu?

Gourmoni: makham ha baopaba da ode naphlam jang saphun jidu 

Monali: Khale khale jadu na, acha.


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