Shama Mandir (Borbond)

Shama Mandir is a temple where goddess Kali is worship by both Dimasa and Non-Dimasa people.

The narrator Umashankar Barman describes that Shama mandir/ temple was established in the year 1955 December in Borbnond, Cachar. The godess Kali is worship in this temple. Dimasa people call the goddess Kali Mama Gisimdi. Total of three big pujas are performed in a year, one in the time of Diwali which is performed by Priest. Second in the time of Rath and the third during the time of Shivaratri. These two pujas are performed by villagers. In the village Borbond, the society is divided into two parts, so one part of the society perform puja during the time of Rath and the other society during the time of Shivaratri.  Other than that small rituals are performed every Purnima (full moon) and Amabasya (new moon). People of different communities come to perform puja during Diwali. Hindu rituals are performed in the temple. Animal sacrifices are also performed in the temple.

Cultural Narrative: 

During 1955 December, bengali year 1368-69 Kalisodhon visited and asked for a site for construction of a Kali mandir (temple). When the site  was donated the construction of the temple started. At that time it was a small temple, but now with the help of the villagers new building is raised for construction. The first one to donate money for temple is Jonobati Barman in the year 1960, at that time assam style structure was built with the help of the villagers. Construction committee are still developing the structure of the temple. Baikuntanath Barman, Harindra Barman and Bholanath Braman were t5he people who donated the site for the construction of the mandir. Architecture of the temple is similar to the Hedema Temple of Manali,Himachal Pradesh.

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