Shlikdi/ Shludi Bupang (Turmeric Plant)

Shlikdi/ Shludi bupang (Turmeric plant) is used in multiple healing process by Dimasa people. The root of this plant is grind and used as spice in the curry.

Roots of turmeric plants are used while cooking. For the purpose of cooking turmeric roots are finely powdered. The leaves of this plant is used to wrap the raw meat,and fish, and also dried fish to sell in the market. It is also used to wrap the meat and fish while roasting inside the bamboo.

Cultural Narrative: 

It is believed by the Dimasa people that turmeric has many medicinal properties. It is used to heal fracture and deep wounds. The raw root is heated up and wrapped over a wound with a piece of cloth for healing. It also heals cough if the raw turmeric is grinded and taken with warm water. Turmeric is  also used in the rituals of both wedding and death ceremony by Dimasa community.

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