Snan Mandir (Khaspur)

This monument is known as “Snan mandir” by the locals, it was built by the Dimasa king Krishnachandra Narayan Hasnu in the year 1780.

This is a Dimasa historical monument which is popularly known as “Snan Mandir”, established in the year 1780 by the Dimasa King Krishanachandra Narayan Hasnu. According to the information given by Romaranjan Phonglo Barman of Thaligram, Khaspur village the Dimasa king has built two temple here for himself and his queen to sit and enjoy the beauty of Modhura river. The queen’s temple doesn’t exist here anymore because it got washed out when the river used to flow from this side in early times. During the reign of Dimasa king this monument was used as a gallery point, not as a bath temple.


Cultural Narrative: 

The full line to line transtation of the above short interview on a Dimasa historical monument – “Snan mandir”, narrated by Romaranjan Barman Phonglo of Khaspur, Thaligram village.

Monali: Ebun baire ha ashba thiseng ?

Monali: Can you tell us anything about this ?

Romaranjan: Ebuke Dimaraja Raja Krishnachandra 1780 kristabdo ha dangba thidu, thibo dangba thibo mashi niya magin duhala mashi shin kha magin dangba muh Raja jang Rani ni, bo rani ni jakha de di ha gajaolangkha duha manang ha ejang gadeh di phaiba thidu bo raja jang rani eraha phaidada khamdada Mathura dibu ni majangthaike naire, Naihe graode bo eraha phlaire bo bangla jangla thire “Monihor drisho” graode hamshining majangshishi bo drishoke naire graode upobhog klaire bushi eraha raja jang rani khamdada odehe thihi graothai ha dong khalin ha dong. Thibo duhala thidu ebuke dugurkho thidu, bathroom thidu kintu ebu bathroom niya eraha dugurya erha khamhi se raja eraha ni scenery buthuke naire, Modhura dibu ni majangthai ke naire, ejang di dangba thidu manang hala jing ancha hala nuba ebolaiyaba di rogong ha dongba duhala hadi jatharkha thikabo skang hala ejang di thangre ne bo graola gibi odehe raja ni la mashi dong rani ni mashi mandir la gajaolangkha ne, duha mashi shin khan ebobo gajaomani bo jahi dong ha shlokha hamshining jing alang alang government ne request klaidu ebuke protection rimane klaihi thikabo gejer godo rihi dong duha.

Romaranjan: This was built by the Dimasa King Krishnachandra in the year 1780 and at that time two were built like this, one for the king and other for the queen but right now only the king’s one is left and the queen’s temple got swept by the river as in earlier days the river flows from this side. The king and queen used to sit here and watch the beauty of Modhura river, in Bengali it is called “Monihar Drishya” which means to see and enjoy the beautiful view. Both the king and queen used to sit here and enjoy the beautiful view about which we have heard in the story and also read. Now, it is called a bath temple or bathroom but it is not a bath temple and the king didn’t even take bath here, he used to sit here and enjoy the view of Modhura river. In early times we have seen the river flowing from this side but now it has all turned into paddy fields. It is true that earlier a river used to flow from here and there were also two such temples here, the king’s temple is still is here but the queen’s temple has gone along with the river. The land on which this temple is standing is also sinking, we have also requested the government to provide protection to this temple, although some protection has been given.

Monali: Thikala ebula graola gallery point lai thina ?

Monali: That means it is like a gallery point right ?

Romaranjan: Om.

Romaranjan: Yes.

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