Vishnu Mandir (Khaspur)

This is a temple of god Vishnu which was built during the reign of Dimasa Kachari king Krishnachandra Narayan Hasnu, it is situated in Kaspur Rajbari, Cachar (Assam).

Dimasa kings were a religious people and a good followers of Hinduism, they worshipped Hindu deities like Kali, Ranachandi, Shiva and many others. This Vishnu temple was built by King Krishnachandra Narayan Hasnu in the year 1810, the entire structure of this temple is made of burnt bricks and fully plastered with lime surkhi. The walls of the temple are beautifully carved with floral designs and it has three open windows, the size of the Vishu temple is larger then Ranchandi and Kali temple. The pooja is performed here sometimes by the local people but in early days the people of Thaligram village used to perform Kirtan here during different occasions.

Cultural Narrative: 

The full line to line translation of the above short interview on a Dimasa temple of god Vishnu, narrated by Romaranjan Barman Phonglo of Khaspur, Thaligram village.

Monali: Dei, ebuni baire ha gicha thiha.

Monali: Okay, tell something about this.

Romaranjan: Ebuke Vishnu Mandir thire, ebuke Raja Krishnachandra ni somoy ha dangba odehe ebuke 1810 kristabdo ha Raja Krishnachandra ebu Vishnu Mandir danglangba thihi khrib thamaiadu, ebu Vishnu Mandir ha Vishnu ni pooja jadu eraha odehe eraha hato-hato puja bo riphaidu, jini nolai ni phang phaihi Kirtan bo rire skanghala duhala odehe Kirtan bo riyakha thibo ebu Vishnu Mandir skang ha Raja Krishnachandra danglangyaba.

Romaranjan: This is called Vishnu Mandir, it was built during the reign of King Krishnachandra in the year 1810. Everyone knows that this temple was built by King Krishnachandra and Lord Vishnu is worshiped in this temple. Even now pooja is held here sometimes and earlier people from our village used to come and give kirtan but now they don’t do it anymore.

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